Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Buddy Holly Show

Last night we went to see the Buddy Holly Show in Brissie Brisbane with friends from Maroochydore.  While we were waiting for them (since they came from the opposite side of Qld) we enjoyed wandering around in Southbank.  We came across which looked like a temple memorial from Japan. I couldn’t resist and pretended to be a tourist while JJ took the photo.  I jokingly said I should send it to Erika who now lived in Beijing – pretending we had been in Japan for a weekend! Lol! I would then tell her that this was the only pic we could save!  As if she’ll fall for it!  Well, the show was awesome! I haven’t had that such a great time in a long time.  You know one needs to see similar shows like that more often.  It is so good for the soul. J

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  1. Yeah, for having a good night out! I love finding jewels in my neck of the woods, too!