Sunday, February 15, 2015

Surfers Paradise

So I promised to take photos of our walk from home to Surfers Paradise.  I don’t think our timing was perfect as the early sun was already against us so to speak, however we did not want to put it off for another week; just in case it starts to rain again.  O we don’t mind the rain at all – it’s just that Sundays are most convenient for us.   So we ventured outside at a ‘late’ 6am.

My aim would be that the photos regardless of their “poor” quality, tell the story of what we see on our way to the main beach of Surfers as we call it.  In case you are interested to know more about Surfers Paradise you can always click on this link or this one which will take you to the official website and magnificent pictures of the place we call home.  I dedicate this post to both my sisters whom I miss dearly.