Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fraser Island

The day after our
encounter with the whales, we
went on a day tour to Fraser Island. This was our second visit - the first in 2005 on our honeymoon. We just thought that since we already in Hervey Bay we might as well go for another visit to the world's biggest sand island. If you really want to get more facts on the island you have to check out this website.

This large island is beautiful and no photo could ever do it justice. Add this to your bucket list for sure - it is worth it! One of it's kind because after all it is only a sand island..
Here is some of our pics. Enjoy!

Hervey Bay - the whale Capital of the world!

Hervey Bay... indeed the whale Capital of the world! We had a public holiday on the Gold Coast so we decided to make the most of it! We got up very early for our 5 hour drive and arrived just after 11:30 in Hervey Bay. The plan was just to go whale watching and then return on Sunday but since we have the habit of making the most of every moment we decided to hop onto the very next available tour. We had a hour to dash into a drug store to buy something to prevent me for feeling queasy!

Every precaution we took did the job very well because I felt great and ready to face the ocean's rock 'n roll! I had the video camera rolling and JJ had the camera ready to capture every movement! It didn't take too long for our friends to approach the boat... it was just awesome. They were just as curious to see us as we were to lay our eyes on them! Great was the reward for both sides because we took over 300 photos - most of them in sports mode because you got to be quick! They played all around the boat, swam under to the left side and back to the right side - they had us running like crazy human beings! We saw many of them sometimes in a pod as we moved along and sometimes only three or four together. As the boat drifted they amused us and when the engines started it was as if they didn't want us to leave! Please click here to view more of these awesome graceful creatures. That is one tick off our 'bucket list' for sure! One has to do it in a life time!
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

North Stradbroke Island

A small post about one of the many islands East of Brisbane.

One can only reach Straddie by ferry. Because of their size we took both vehicles which set us back about AU$320! Wouldn’t bargain to get much in the Suzuki! Thinking about the cost of the ferry now it was a bit expensive then. Then again we didn’t care then – all we could think of was our first December holiday in a new country!

I promise to talk more about Moreton Island next time, but this is what I could remember of Straddie: We had hot and humid days (what else?) with some showers in between! This holiday became special to me because this is where we saw our first koala in the wild and wild dolphins hunting small fish at the jetty! My husband saw the koala from our bedroom window, got the camera and called us. He looked at us and quickly made his way up in the tree where he sat all day…! Then about two days into our stay there, we sat on the rocks next to the jetty when we saw two dolphins coming closer. It was then when small fish started to jump out of the water trying to escape from being dinner. This happened almost every day at dusk. It was just amazing to watch them that close!

If you want to read more about Straddie, here’s the link. Click on the title of this post to view the Google map, in the meantime enjoy some of the photos we took.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Greenmount Beach

We went to Greenmount this morning. It was just another perfect day… filled me with so much gratitude. Could there be a better place to live that here on the Gold Coast? This is paradise for sure. We have white sandy beaches and the water is crystal clear… every time I see it I am in awe…

This particular beach is 30 minutes drive from home. Back home we searched the internet (,+&u=KIRRA&is=1&pm=&px=&pme=any&pxe=any&cat=&o=def ) to see if we could afford to buy a unit there…. Hmmm just too dear as they say here.

Meantime you might find this pic interesting!


I sincerely apologise for this long absence from Bloggerland… I promise this won’t happen again! So many things happen in between – you can just imagine. As time goes by I will fill you in! ;0)

We started the second day of the New Year in Noosa. Some people will tell you it is the most beautiful place in Queensland. I totally disagree! Oh don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful but certainly not at the top of my list. I will take you where we have been and you be the judge.

I have posted some photos and my favourite one is where the bird takes his bath in a fountain on the sidewalk next to a coffee shop! Meantime if you want to know more about Noosa go to

Oh, wishing you a very happy new year!