Saturday, January 23, 2010

North Stradbroke Island

A small post about one of the many islands East of Brisbane.

One can only reach Straddie by ferry. Because of their size we took both vehicles which set us back about AU$320! Wouldn’t bargain to get much in the Suzuki! Thinking about the cost of the ferry now it was a bit expensive then. Then again we didn’t care then – all we could think of was our first December holiday in a new country!

I promise to talk more about Moreton Island next time, but this is what I could remember of Straddie: We had hot and humid days (what else?) with some showers in between! This holiday became special to me because this is where we saw our first koala in the wild and wild dolphins hunting small fish at the jetty! My husband saw the koala from our bedroom window, got the camera and called us. He looked at us and quickly made his way up in the tree where he sat all day…! Then about two days into our stay there, we sat on the rocks next to the jetty when we saw two dolphins coming closer. It was then when small fish started to jump out of the water trying to escape from being dinner. This happened almost every day at dusk. It was just amazing to watch them that close!

If you want to read more about Straddie, here’s the link. Click on the title of this post to view the Google map, in the meantime enjoy some of the photos we took.

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  1. Love that photo! I've heard heaps about Straddie and would love to check it out, only thing keeping me back is that exorbitant and totally unreasonable ferry fare. What a pity...