Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today we celebrate my eldest daughter’s birthday.  We had a lovely Aussie brekkie breakfast this morning at the Oasis Centre in Broadbeach.  There are more restaurants than shops but hidden on their upper level are a few boutiques!   We didn’t plan to shop but a bit of window shopping never killed anyone! As we passed a funky shop where half the stock were marked down to $10 it really got our attention!  I have never been an impulsive buyer but was curious to see what they had.   Two things I don’t ever do is: I don’t  buy clothes I don’t need and I hate wasting food.  I don’t know why some restaurant serves such huge portions.  Before I get carried away – we did indeed buy some nice shirts.  I would also like to post this photo taken at the restaurant where we had brekkie breakfast.  The people that had left before us just left the bill together with the cash on the table.  To some that is normal but to us coming from South Africa, it brought back memories.  Let me explain:  you would never do that there, the cash will be stolen before you say “Bob’s your uncle’! Yeah Oz is where people should appreciate what they have taken for granted so long. 

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter and I'm glad that you guys had a great day together!