Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Wintersun Festival

This ‘festival’ is an annual event held at Coolangatta/Tweed Heads** during June.  It is a must see for any car enthusiast! It takes you back to the Rock ‘N Roll era and some of the attractions include live performing bands, dancing, a flea market and of course the cars! (That’s the main reason we go every year!) We just walk amongst them all, admiring and taking millions lots and lots of photo’s.  Bless the Founder of digital cameras! Imagine all the film rolls I would have wasted. LOL!  You know all the time and money spent restoring those beauties amazes me! Mostly they are restored to their original state.  I have posted some of our photos on my web album - it is impossible to upload all of them as there could be well over 1200… I would have loved to select the best of them I simply don’t have the time.  It was a lovely sunny day – didn’t even feel a breeze! That’s how we experienced the Gold Coast:  the lovely weather outweighs the windy, wet and tropical cyclones so often heard of happening right here in the South East corner of Queensland.   Actually when they talk about the South East of Qld they mean from Brisbane to the Southern border aka Gold Coast. (Coolangatta is the very South East end of  Queensland and Tweed Heads is the very North East corner of New South Wales) 

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