Sunday, June 14, 2009

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Those of you following should know by now that we love exploring places on Sundays. Well JJ decided that today was the day to climb the hill at Burleigh Heads… It was as usual worth it.

The sun was out and smiling so were the scenery! I always have my camera handy and JJ had his. (Last week his memory card decided to be no more… LOL) He then had to scale down his image quality to be able to use his memory card he got with the camera. I think he can only take up to 16 photos with that one. What a joke. I’ll remind him to replace the better one. We lost beautiful photos he had taken the previous week from the Q1 at night with the reflection in the waterway. Talking about the Q1 building: it became the landmark for the Gold Coast. Situated in the heart of Surfers Paradise, called Surfers for short, the 80 storey building is the highest residential building in the world. We still have to visit the deck for appreciate the view from there. Want to know more? Go to

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  1. I love your Sunday outing pictures! I checked out the photo link and Burleigh Head looks like a great place for a picnic :)