Saturday, July 18, 2009

More views (and a story) on the Gold Coast, Qld

Just to satisfy your curiosity I thought I should add these two photos as well. In my previous post I had a photo where Queensland and New South Wales met and just to get your direction right, the airplane was turning towards the sea, in other words facing East where it was going to turn in a Northern direction, then left again, which is West. (Confused? Don’t worry!) In other words the aircraft almost made a full circle. So in the one photo you can see Burleigh Heads (remember we went for a morning walk there?) and the other, Tugun closing in on Gold Coast Airport. On that specific day we came all the way from Sydney. My goodness I should tell you how all started! Hmm let me take you on my journey! Buckle up!

I don’t want to bore you with all the details but (for the sake of my million Followers) I shall try to tell all in a nut shell. LOL! When JJ and I got married we both decided that the honeymoon was going to be in Australia. Instead of honeymooning on an Idyllic Island, we wanted to explore Queensland as much as we could in the three weeks we had. Maybe I should have started in Sydney! Hang on I’ll get there! LOL! If you don’t want to hear this, skip to tomorrow’s post! J

We got married on Saturday March 5th and had our flight booked for Monday afternoon. (In those days there were no week end flights available) So on Monday at 6pm on March 7th we boarded flight QF64. The plan was to fly to Sydney and then to Brisbane where one of JJ’s friends will meet us at the airport.

We got two boarding tickets and thought it was a bit odd and then just indulged into the blissful time awaiting us.

Oh and I have to tell you that I had a special journal with me where I wanted to record every thing we experienced – why not? This was our honeymoon and the first ever overseas trip in my life! I was super excited! So we boarded the plane, cuddled up like lovers do and counted the hours to Paradise! I gave my journal to one of the hostesses for the Captain to sign! The whole crew did! Got the journal back with well wishes and a bottle of French Champagne! How sweet was that! (Made me feel like a queen)

Anyway when we landed at Sydney the following day at 16H00 we just took off in a cab and booked in at the cutest Hotel. Dropped our bags and set off to the Opera House. We explored the streets, the beautiful parks and just couldn’t get enough of how romantic all was. Later we sat in the Harbour and watched how people enjoyed supper at candle light and listened to musicians playing beautifully outside. My heart was in heaven! JJ took million of photos – which I will share soon. At around 22H00 we got a bit tired and decided to go back to the hotel. JJ said he will call Daniel tomorrow just to make sure he meets us at the airport. I don’t know why but I suggested he call him right away, since they were an hour behind Sydney. He did and to our surprise Daniel was worried sick about us but glad to hear from us. Why? Well, you guessed it: we missed our connection flight to Brisbane! We totally and honestly forgot that we were actually going to fly into ‘the future’ from South Africa! Yeah, Sydney is 8 hours ahead of Johannesburg! That is why we got 2 boarding tickets! Duh! Anyway we booked another flight and this time to Gold Coast … cost us about ZAR1200 but worth every cent!

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful honeymoon! My wedding anniversary is March 4th :)