Friday, July 24, 2009

Kangaroos or Roo's as they are called here

I wanted to do and informative post about them but decided not to. The reasons simply because one could easily Google it and find all you want to know, in detail. I’ll just share the experience I have had of them. Apart from finding them in your back yard a good idea is to visit your local Sanctuary. Why? Because they are extremely laid back there. I am talking about our famous Currumbin Sanctuary. There’s a vending machine where tourists can buy a bag of mixed seed/pellets and hand feed them. Some Roo’s hang around the machine, not because they don’t have small change but because they know too well what it’s all about! LOL!

When you handfeed them they don’t even open their eyes. They just munch on everything in slow mode. So funny! Then when there’s a Joey in the pouch they even look more hilarious! I could not imagine myself being curled up like that and have my legs dangling halfway outside. Flexible is not the word. But they can be dangerous too. Not under normal circumstances. Only if they are wounded or cornered, as most animals can be. When they fight, they do so by grabbing each other with their front paws and kicking with their back legs.

These photo’s are living proof just how laid back they can be. Marlize puts her hands under his body, then slowly lifts him up and then, even higher. He is not even bothered! Doesn’t he know we could have easily have kidnapped him that day? I mean seriously, they are cool dudes. Cute and cuddly too.

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