Monday, July 20, 2009

A little bit of Sydney

I was about to post this last night when my pc just shut down. It has a mind of its own LOL – so here goes: We had another blissful day out there in the sun. We went to Burleigh Heads again to see if we could get a glimpse of the whales…. No luck! However we finished the full circle of the walk we have done last time. It was awesome. I wish I could post all the photos. Once I have my new computer/laptop, I’ll do that!

So where were we? I guess I have to post some pics of JJ and me in Sydney. Please bear in mind it was taken in 2005. Sydney is a great place for a week end getaway or if you love the night life. I wouldn’t want to live there because I recon it is too busy.

You know I am so glad to be here in Australia. I couldn’t help myself for feeling so grateful for the life we have here. I have already taken so many things for granted (unknowingly!) and today I pondered upon the reasons why we migrated here. Maybe it was because our friends whom had only being here 7 months, wanted to go back to the RSA. I gave them a list of the things I reasoned for them to reconsider moving back. Well, or at least give it another thought. A serious thought. Migration isn’t for sissies. I certainly wouldn’t want them to regret going back. Anyway, people live up to their own decisions – meantime I’ll stay focused on my journey and enjoy the ride.

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