Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coco my darling 'baby' girl

Today was a windy, rainy day. Some relief from the extreme heat we had lately. I had so much to do today but my day just started 'wrong'. I have decided that 2009 is also going to be a year where I get rid of all the clutter. There is too much clothes and stuff in our home that could be useful to someone else, so if not donated it's going straight to the bin! Instead of starting with that I had to defrost the fridge and rearrange my kitchen. It took all morning. Seems like our South African fridges don't adapt very well in this climate! Well it is time for a Fisher and Paykel! With everything so overcast outside, the rain and being almost alone at home made me very depressed. I miss my darling mum because I can sense her sadness very strong. We haven't seen each other in 19 months. Then there is Coco who I had to leave behind in SA. She was my darling baby. I had a dream of her last night. I called her in my special tone of voice but all she did was wag that tail and looked at my mum. This is the second dream similar to the one before. I know this means she moved on but I can't help missing her terribly! I know I have to be grateful that she is with mum who absolutely adore her. Somehow animals makes our lives whole, even just to cuddle them makes life so meaningful. Wonder how many people feel the way I do about animals? Well Mum, if I you were here: Here's a big hug for you! And? a cuddle for Coco too!

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