Friday, January 2, 2009

The new year!

We watched the fireworks in Sydney which was spectacular! Did I mention we watched it from our living room? Lol! Johan recorded it for the rest of the family who had gone out for the night - they went to Broadbeach itself. There were fireworks in Surfers and in Brissie but Sydney's the best.
We have high expectations for 2009. We are going to achieve great success not only business wise but also in our personal goals. We trust that we will have our PR soon so we can relax totally. Ask any migrant about that, we all share the same feeling about it. This is our dream: We see ourselves living happily ever after here in Oz. Ultimately we want to travel in and around Australia. In a Winnebago! In style! ;o)

On new years day all the children were here enjoying lunch and a swim. As usual it was hot and humid. So we are bracing ourselves .... well many before us survived it and so will we!

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  1. You will. And that Winnebago idea is also what we are planning for our old age. When you have to leave the country to activate your PR visa. Why not go and do that in New Zealand.