Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tim Tams

Tim Tams need no introduction in Australia and I have seen some in South Africa too! They are simply delicious irresistible!  One bite and you’re hooked! You can have them as a snack treat at any time.  It’s a healthy alternative filler and if you do search the origin you’ll find that it is made of a vegetable! So according to my thorough research, it is good for you! J Beware of imitations ….   The yummiest way enjoying them is by biting two opposite corners then use it as a 'straw'! (True Australian tradition) Feel the melting goodness in your mouth!

Jen you are cordially invited for a cuppa with an original Tim Tam! Followers and all other readers are welcome too!

Friday, May 29, 2009

My Award

  Lilly's mommy, Jen ( gave me this award! Thanks JenJen! I love all awards ' cause it makes one feel special! Everybody wants to be special!

Those who don’t know, here are the rules:

1. When given the award, you write about seven things that you love.

2. Pass the award to seven bloggers that you love, and be sure to tag them and let them know they've won. (You can copy the award and post it on your sideboard.)
Mirna’s 7 things …..

1.  I love the Lord: He’s the One who raised me up.

2.  I love my husband just for being himself. He is truly my better half.

3.  I love my children. I couldn’t imagine my life without them… with them my cup runneth over!

4.  I love my mom. She is a very, very  special lady.

5.  I love my cat, my wild garden birds …. Oh can I say I love ALL animals? ;) 

6.  I love little old me… because in my Father’s eyes I am perfect and made whole.

7.  I love Tim Tams….actually I am addicted to them! They say there is no cure...

Here is the 7 Bloggers I nominate:


The Freemans





Little Miss Hopeful

A Pity I can not award all of you... Well to all the Bloggers I follow: Awards to you too! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Isn't he gorgeous?

(I just had to put this on my blog..) Or should I say drop-dead-gorgeous!!!
Question is: Can any boy look this cute? Yep... :)

Gold Coast

With all the rain, wind and king tides our beach look not-so-picture-perfect .... We couldn't walk on the beach because with the swell being 9ft! Hope all of this will be fixed soon 'cause I miss having a early cuppa during weekends :(  ( I am either a spoilt brat or very blessed!)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On a cold windy, wet winters day...

Am I lazy or am I too busy? Neither really! Oh and there is a twist in the tale ... I had to give up Miss Ashes. Yeah I was kinda torn between keeping her or searching for her owner.   I would have hate having her only to surrender her later to her real owner.   She had a microchip so there was no way of bypassing that. :)  Too make a very long story short, I found her owner.  She lived close by and had her only for two days when she went missing.  She was so relieved that "Lizzy" was well and alive she couldn't thank me more.  To her it was okay for Lizzy to visit us every now and again... but you know and I know it doesn't work that way. :)  Cats live where they feel loved and safe, not that this wasn't the case.  I think she was just lonely as her owner works from very early till late every day. Lizzy was to be kept indoors for at least three weeks so she knows where her home is. Well needless to say, she was there for one night and came right back to us.  

I thought I would suggest to her that we go to the Animal Welfare League together so we could choose her a new cat... since she only had Lizzy for two days and hadn't bonded with her.  But that idea wasn't a good one. I respected her decision and made plans to adopt myself.  First I looked on the Internet which cat was most appealing to me.. lol! Then I'd go and then see for myself which cat 'bonds' with me.

It so happens that the one I chose wasn't the most affectionate one.  I needed a cat whom I could smother with love! Soooo selfish of me....! I decided to go back and spend more time with all of them.  That way I would find the one which is suited for us.

Last Wednesday in the midst of heavy rain JJ and I went to the shelter.  I went into the enclosure and could not make up my mind so I called for one of the Volunteers working there.  I asked which of these beautiful cats needed love the most... and guess what?  She showed me one hiding under the thick bedding that just came in that day.  He was fostered by on of the Volunteers and was only 8 months old.  His name was Gramps... short for Grandpa.  LOL

When I picked him up he instantaneously started purring and I knew he was the one! He is so adorable! So affectionate and cute!  He talks back and when you call him he simply runs towards you like he hasn't seen you all day!  JJ is taken well with him too! Gramps sits on his lap and even cuddles up on him.  Well he is just what the "doctor" ordered! 

On another note: I have decided to start another blog recalling my experience I had having and loosing my baby boy.  I will post it on his birthday June 10th.  I am thinking of doing it pseudonym, what's your thoughts on that? It is hard but I feel it will bring me complete closure and healing altogether.  I think I have had it in my subconscious mind for too long and when I share it, it might just help. Like I have said before: I am not a person who wears my heart of my sleeve.  I can't say why but all  know that my heart has to follow through.  Meantime meet Gramps.... :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A quick update...

Yes, I know it has been a while.  I was so busy reading other blogs that I follow religiously that I couldn't get myself to sit and update my own! Don't worry you didn't miss out on anything! Just a quick update though:  a cat walked into our lives!  Exciting! Yes I hear you laughing.... didn't I say that my blog can be very boring!  Hmmmm.  Anyway since my last post we have had a little visitor who we named Ashes - a beautiful 'domestic' cat? I don't know but she pretty much look like a Russian Blue!  I wish! Since I love all animals, I took her in.  I did not really made a good effort in searching for her owner - to be quite honest I haven't had the time to go and do just that.   She is still very thin and needs a bath.  She must have been on her own for quite some time.  She just adopted us rather than the other way around.  I am actually a dog person but had a cat when I was little.  She is so lovely and one can see by her manners that she was taught well.  She even had stitches on her belly but all her hair has grown back - it must have been a while since she has been desexed? My husband had since snipped it.  I promise I will take her to the RSPCA to check if she has a micro chip.   What else?  Oh the de-cluttering of the house is still on track.  I have made tremendous progress. Still a little more I want to do.  I won't stop untill I feel it is perfect.  Well here is a pic of Miss Ashes....