Thursday, October 22, 2009

Southbank, Brisbane

I am trying to catch up with all the updates I have to do! I have been so busy but I guess that is no excuse. One has to MAKE time, I know. Well here goes. We had to go to Brisbane or Brissie as we call it on September 17th. We decided to go by train to give Nan the opportunity to experience the joyride. That is something one wouldn’t dare to do in South Africa, far too dangerous. We travelled from Helensvale station (our closest station on the Gold Coast) to Brisbane CBD. The seats are very comfy and one doesn’t mind the time it takes to get there, which is little over an hour. On our way back we walked along the pretty path in Southbank. Please feel free to view some of the photos we have taken by following this link. I wish I had more time to elaborate on this but for those who want to know more please visit their website. Tonight is AndrĂ© Rieu’s show and I am counting the hours! Be back for more! J

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  1. hey!

    voorspoed vir die nuwe jaar!
    Mag dit een wees vol pret en nuwe ondekkings.
    gaan baie op jou blog kom inloer....