Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Yesterday morning we decided just to get out of the house - away from allthe normal chores and responsibilities - we treated ourselves to a walk innature.... as always! It gives us such a thrill just to enjoy what comes naturally so to speak! We love exploring and yet it seems that we still
haven't seen it all here on the Gold Coast!

Today also marks the 2 years, 10 months and 4 days here in Australia. We have come such a long way and we have learned so much let alone talk about the experience. As days goes by we know one thing: we never regret taking the plunge to migrate to the Gold Coast. Things are just getting worse in South Africa. We read the local paper online every now and then and cannot
believe that the world just turns a blind eye. South Africa going the same road as Zimbabwe. What a beautiful country going to ashes and the sad thing is that those who were born there (and never set foot in another Country) just accept the violence and chaos with a shrug of the shoulders. I know: been there and done that. Only when you leave and witness life outside you
realize you were the frog in the frying pan ... Well each to his own. Nuff said.

Today is a day where I count all our blessings. Not that I don't do that everyday... Some days one just feel more grateful for the little things in life. Look at the state the world is in: it reflects people's hearts. Greed, lust and self centered. Then we wonder why? To give doesn't necessary means it will cost you something. To give from the heart is better than receiving. Okay I am getting too serious.

Let me tell you more about our walk in nature yesterday. The 'skywalk' begins on a spectacular elevated bridge which enters directly into the beautiful rainforest enabling visitors like us, to explore all the different and interesting canopies along the way. The highlight is of course the
freestanding 'cantilever' which soars 30meters above Cedar Creek with magnificent views across the valley and the rainforest far below. From there we saw beautiful butterflies playing as well. Photos can't tell just how beautiful it actually is... one has to experience it.

I miss my mom, family and friends I left behind especially when I experience beautiful things like this. I would have love to share all of this first hand with them. In good time I will. God willing. Meantime we pray that they will always be protected by God's strongest Angels and that they be blessed.

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