Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome to my bloggspot

Anilo inspired me to start this blog. (Hope this brings out the Writer in me!) This is going to give all friends and family an idea of how we live our lives since we left South Africa in May 2006.
Of course I won't be taking you back to day one! God forbid! I will share some of the things when it comes to mind.

All of us do agree on one thing: Immigrating is not for sissies. For sure. It wasn't easy and many obstacles suddenly appear out of nowhere, believe me. The only thing we had to do was to keep focussing on our dream and not letting anyone or anything steal that from us. Would we have done it all again had we known? Yep for sure! All worth it!

So here we are, more than 2½ years later! Although I have days that I do miss my mum, family and Coco terribly, we are very happy and settled here. There is nothing more healing than a good cry on willing shoulders. With Faith and Hope in my heart, I know that Mum will join us soon once all our paperwork is done.