Friday, December 26, 2008

The morning after Xmas

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  1. For some reason the date settings on my BlogSpot is one day behind.. Although my date and time settings on my pc are correct. So this is the day after Christmas! Anyway I was going to tell you about our visitors early this morning: This is my usual routine in the morning. Our garden birds wakes us at ± 5 am for their morning feed and then I go for a walk. Usually I do see a hot air balloon or two but this morning there were 4 'following' me! Eventually when I got home Johan and I heard one clearly VERY close by! I joked and said it certainly is going to land on our roof! It was scary close! I knew the balloon was in trouble and the next minute when Johan looked out on our bedroom balcony he saw it! Touching the tip of the palm tree outside! This was the yellow balloon with blue flowers. We ran outside just in time to witness it going down (gently) across our neighbour’s house onto the street. Spectacular! The others followed soon but just to pass by. We woke the kids and took some amazing photos!