Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Post operative update

Today is day forth post operatively.  I feel remarkably ‘well’, my right ear aches a little and so does my throat.   I also experience pain swallowing.  It feels more like I had a tonsillectomy.  The right side of my face, ear and neck are still numb and sometimes I have to resist not scratching myself when it itches.

The Anaesthetist explained to me that he would be using a different kind of anaesthesia because Dr Sam wanted to monitor the nerves at all times.  (Was this the case with you guys too?) I was wheeled into theatre at 4:30pm (I asked what the time was) and the last thing I remember was how my entire body shook uncontrollably on the theatre bed – I was cold and scared to bits.  The next ‘moment’ I came by, briefly opened my eyes and saw my family and funny enough, the first thing I asked was the time… it was 8:30pm.   It only felt as if I was away for an half an hour!  My throat and neck hurt the most.  I was on oxygen and kept upright throughout the night. 

To make a long story short, I was ‘happy’ to be fully ‘awake’ by 2am.  I asked the nurse if I could use the bathroom.  She took me of my IV and oxygen and helped me into my pj’s - I was surprised to not feel dizzy at all.  I asked if we could lower the bed a teeny bit so I could ‘sleep’ better which she was happy to.

The next morning when Dr Sam made his rounds he said that it took him a good while to get through all the scar tissue.  He said that the styloid wasn’t that elongated but the ligament was quite thickened and he removed all.  He said that would have explained all my symptoms as there was a lot of pressure there.
He looked at my drain and said that may be removed too because there was little to none fluid oozing from the wound.  He discharged me. 

This was so remarkable because no one could have prepared me to be discharged just short of 24 hours after surgery.  Praise God! I am now recovering at home.  No, I am not even thinking about having the left side done right now. I just want to recover completely first.

One more thing: Dr Sam and his team were great! I have so much respect for him.  He made time to talk to me before I went into theatre; he explained once again what he will be doing and put me totally at ease.  

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  1. Hi there. Thanks for taking time in sharing your story of your eagle syndrome journey. It's very interesting and helpful as I think I might have it too. Please keep up you good blog and updated with you progress to recovery. I was wondering if you could send me your email contact just in case I need some info or help from you later down the track. My email address is vincewitheagle@gmail.com thanks heaps for sharing this blog. It helps a lot knowing that someone in Australia has successfully had this type of operation because I'm an Australian as well. All the best with your recovery.